Trust is more powerful than attention.

Much of what is considered marketing today is just noise, fighting for our attention. But attention is cheap. You can be a viral sensation one day, capturing everyone's attention, and gone the next, totally forgotten. Or you can steal people's attention through spam, click-bait, misleading messaging, and annoying ads. Either way, you may have gained some attention, but you haven't gained trust. You may have received a lot of buzz and one-time engagements, but not trust.

Trust is much harder to come by. Trust requires mutual connections and shared values. But trust lasts, and it’s much more powerful than attention. Coercive marketing offers quick, but temporary results. Building a trustworthy brand, on the other hand, leads to long-term brand loyalty and success. People are loyal to the brands they trust.

The point is, some marketing may seem successful, but it does more harm than good in the long run. It’s just noise. The only sustainable approach to marketing is to build a distinct, trustworthy brand.