Why another design agency?

There are tons of talented design agencies today, and they're good at what they do. Unfortunately, most of them only work with unethical consumer brands and big corporations. Few are focused on using their talent for deserving causes.

We believe brand strategy and design are incredibly powerful tools. They have the power to raise awareness, change consumer habits, and shape the world we live in. Most importantly, they have the power to create trust between organizations and people, whether that trust is warranted or not. And big, corporate agencies use that power to create trust in companies that don’t deserve it. The reason we trust companies like Facebook and Uber is that they've invested heavily in building a brand we can trust. They understand the power of a distinct brand in building trust. They use modern design, strategic storytelling, and sleek branding to cover up their insidious business practices. If it weren't for their brands, we would all see them for what they really are: corrupt, unethical money-making machines. 

This is why Hedrick exists. We’ve set out to build a brand strategy and design agency dedicated to advancing the work of ethical, sustainable nonprofits and brands. We’re using the power of design and strategy – the power to create trust – to build distinct brands for organizations that are worthy of that trust. We’ve seen firsthand the important work that nonprofits and social enterprises are doing around the world, and when it comes to branding, we believe they deserve better. We’re here to partner with organizations making the world a better place, not simply increasing their profit margins. 

For a long time branding and advertising have been a part of the problem. We believe they can be a part of the solution.